Michael Kevin Hernandez, M.B.A., M.S., PMP
(TED Fellow)

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Welcome to my website. I have lived in Florida for 19 years, Colorado for a year, Pennsylvania for 3 years and Oklahoma for 3 years. I love to travel and learn about different cultures and customs. This is evident in all the places I have lived thus far.

I began college at the age of 15 at Miami-Dade College under the Miami-Dade County Dual Enrollment Program. Eventually, I transferred over to the University of Miami, where I would eventually earn my bachelor degree in Meteorology and Applied Mathematics (Dec. 2007). Shortly after, I studied at Pennsylvania State University, where I have received a Teaching Certificate (Sept. 2009) and a Master of Science in Meteorology (Dec. 2010). I then worked at the Center for Analysis and Prediction of Storms for a year. I worked on projects that dealt with creating an automated script to run ARPS forecasting model and created simulated GOES-R channel data (~16 channels) using the ARPS model output with the CRTM interface (from NESDIS) for the Hazardous Weather Testbed 2012. If these projects sound interesting, I invite you to look at my Research page.

On May 2014, I graduated with an M.B.A. and M.S. in Management of Information Systems from the University of Oklahoma. My goal is to become the Business and Data Analyst there is. I am extremely grateful to have my scientific and applied mathematics background, which has built the greatest set of analytical skills set and tools that have become my foundation for most of my analyses. My current training in Six Sigma, can help out lean business processes to yield greater returns on investment, as well as reduce defect errors in production, and has help me save over $750M for Oklahoma over the next five years, earning me my Green Belt Certification. Given all my leadership positions and experience in managing projects throughout the project lifecycle, for academia, non-profits and for-profit corporations I was able to leverage that experience and technical knowledge to pass my Project Management Professional Certification Exam (May 2014). Then to become the best IT Business and Data Analyst there is, I ventured into learning the IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) best practices and have achieved an Intermediate level certification (Sept 2014) and I am pushing through to obtain Expert level certification. Finally, given my training in business school, I have been able to apply those skills along with my 6 years of experience with technology, data modeling, and Key Performance Indicator Dashboards to formulate effective and efficient IT solutions using analytics for any business process, which result in a better targeting of core business strategies. All the work that I have done so far, has made me the best and strongest candidate to become a IT Business and Data Analyst.

Hobbies include: Stamp Collecting, traveling, cycling, painting, and hiking (see my hiking & traveling panoramics below).

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Feel free to look around this website, you never know what you may find ...

Updated: 9/14/2014